Our Music

As you can see from the above video, ceilidh can be a cross-cultural experience! Bob, Steve, and Julie playing, Lesley calling, and Ed holding the camera.

The music we play is mostly traditional folk from the British Isles, though we also

play the occasional tune from other countries, and also some written by band

members Steve and Ed.

Some Titles Of Traditional Tunes We Play

Jenny Lind

Three around three

Dashing White Sergeant

Staten Island

Oyster Girl

Blaydon Races

Boys of Bluehill

Off to California

Banish Misfortune

Dingle Regatta

Sweets of May

La Russe

My Love She’s but a Lassie Yet

Winster Gallop

Salmon Tails

The Blackthorn Stick

Rakes of Kildare

Rakes of Mallow

Jimmie Allen

Bonnie Kate