Meet The Band




Ed Pritchard

fiddle, guitar, hammered dulcimer

Ed was born in Liverpool but moved to Oxford as a student in the 1970s. He came to folk music from a background playing classical and later rock music when he joined Cry Havoc Cotswold morris in 1996. The only remaining founder member of the Larkrise Ranters, he is a self-confessed ‘string junkie’, possessing an ever-increasing collection of strange stringed instruments. He also plays with seventeenth-century group the Oxford Waits.



Bob Dunlop


A multi-instrumentalist who joined the band initially as bass player, Bob has played for barn dances for over 30 years and dances and plays for Kirtlington morris.



Lesley Dunlop


Lesley is the band’s regular caller and is comfortable calling both English and Scottish dances. She dances with Mason’s Apron and Ridgeway step clog.



Josh Rigal


Josh is the son of the band’s former fiddle player Julie Rigal. Josh also plays with rock band Little Brother Eli.




Toby Goss


Toby has thrown himself enthusiastically into the world of folk music since his arrival from Australia in 2011. As well as dancing with Eynsham morris he enjoys singing and is a keen bellringer.


Former members



Steve Griffiths


Steve, after being a member of the Ranters for some twenty years, announced his retirement from the band in the summer of 2018.

julie crop

Julie Rigal


Julie, another long-time member of the band, also retired in the summer of 2018. We wish both Julie and Steve the very best for the future.

Please note:
Band line-up/caller may change without notice depending on availability. We have a number of excellent and experienced ‘deps’ we can call on in such situations.